Apr 22, 2021

Nicomekl Riverfront Park Management and Parks Plan

The Nicomekl Riverfront Park Management and Parks Plan presents an innovative and replicable approach to adaptive park planning and management in the face of climate change and sea level rise. Working with the City of Surrey’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Department, PFS Studio led a multi-disciplinary team to develop a master plan and a park management plan for a future new 84 acre park along the south shore of the Nicomekl River. The park design introduces innovative nature-based, multifunctional solutions to climate change and coastal flooding that provide a multitude of co-benefits including enhanced ecological benefit (expanded and improved biodiversity and habitat), improved storm water treatment, revelatory design that adapts to and makes visible sea level rise over time, expanded public programming and recreational opportunities, and didactic and artistic interpretive elements that reveal First Nations, settler, ecological, hydrological and climatic histories. The final Management and Parks Plan was part of the City of Surrey’s successful application for a $76 million DMAF fund (Disaster Mitigation Adaptation Fund) from Infrastructure Canada that will be used to fund the park project and 12 other projects in Surrey.

In collaboration with: City of Surrey; Diamond Head Consulting; Cassandra Cummings, Public Art Consultant; Lynne Werker, Heritage Consultant; Denise Cook Design; Bunt Consultants; Civil Engineer, Binnie-Russell Warren

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