Oct 01, 2013

PFS Studio shortlisted for the design of a new downtown park for Redmond, WA

PFS studio was in Redmond, Washington last week to participate in the Redmond Downtown Central Park Design Competition. PFS Studio’s Kelty McKinnon, Marta Farevaag, and Alia Johnson teamed with Jill Anholt (Jill Anholt Studio) and Mark Hinshaw (LMN Architects) to present a visionary approach to this innovative park opportunity in the “digital arts capital of the world”.

PFS Studio was joined in Redmond by 4 other shortlisted teams: Thomas Balsley Associates(New York, NY), The Office of James Burnett (Solana Beach, CA), Walker Macy (Portland, OR), and Land Morphology/ORA Architects (Seattle, WA).

Image courtesy of the City of Redmond