Glenlyon Business Park

Located adjacent to the North Arm of the Fraser River, Glenlyon is the result of a decade long collaborative planning and design exercise. The development, situated on both private and semi-private land, is comprised of approximately 53 hectares, which were consolidated through a series of transfers undertaken with the City of Burnaby in the late 1980’s.

The project team, consisting of PFS Studio, engineering consultants, architectural firms, environmentalists and general site contractors, worked consistently to produce a leading edge site plan that strongly integrates the needs of 21st century business with a design aesthetic that embraces the principles of environmental planning through innovative storm water management practices and the creation of naturalized riparian habitat.

Glenlyon is bound by City owned recreational land, including significant parkland to the west, south and east. These public lands were a key component of the overall design and were integrated into the comprehensive development with a highly used network of pathways and open spaces that provide a restored natural landscape along with recreational and social opportunities for employees and the general public.


BC Landscape and Nursery Association, Business Park Award, 2010

Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA), Regional Merit Award for Landscape Design, 2000

City of Burnaby, Environmental Award of Excellence, 2000

Urban Development Institute, Award for Excellence in Urban Development, 2000


Photos by SITE Photography and ©Brett Ryan