Grange Park Revitalization

PFS Studio worked with the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Mr. Galen Weston, the City of Toronto and the Grange Park Advisory Committee to undertake the restoration and revitalization of the historic Grange Park, adjacent to the AGO in downtown Toronto.

The park is designed to be strikingly beautiful, resilient, sustainable, and accessible. The design is anchored by a large civic green defined by a circular promenade off of which a number of discrete spaces have been linked to create a range of opportunities for play and social engagement. The ‘Grove’, a zone of historic trees on the west side of the park, is being revitalized. Intimately scaled gathering spaces are carved within the Grove to create greater porousity and to provide an inviting entrance into the park. A sculptural water feature marks the AGO’s new public entry, creating a celebratory focal point, while a more playful water plaza in the eastern sector delivers a very different and engaging water experience. On the east side of the site, a generously scaled childrens’ play area animated with artful play elements will be one of the largest and most unique play spaces of its kind in the city.