River Green Village

River Green Village will play a key role in animating and revitalizing these former industrial lands along the Middle Arm of the Fraser River. Long-term planning of the site incorporates a series of public space initiatives that will serve both residents of River Green Village as well as visitors to the City’s dyke trail system and the Oval recreational and sport facilities. The goal is to provide a series of open space areas that transform the waterfront into a diverse and dynamic destination and provide amenities for those who will live and shop in this urban village. Lansdowne Road provides a connection from Richmond Centre to the waterfront and will be celebrated with a public pier and dragon boat facility. The proposed waterfront park will be a key public riverfront destination.

Environmental principles guided the design process for the entire Village and, as a “complete” community with retail and an array of amenities within walking distance, it is hoped that residents will become less dependent on their vehicle.


Photos by Brett Ryan