University of British Columbia Public Realm

Over the last decade, as part of its focus on sustainability, the University of British Columbia (UBC) has strategized to improve the pedestrian experience of the public realm and to engage the university community. PFS Studio has worked closely with UBC Campus and Community Planning to strengthen, renovate, unify and connect public spaces on campus through both the preparation of a Public Realm Framework and Design Guidelines and, most recently, the design and implementation of the key campus open spaces.

The Framework reinforces UBC’s historic core with its Beaux-Arts inspired symmetry and formality while bringing a contemporary design approach to the modern areas of the campus. The guidelines address the functional needs of the campus community while exemplifying university values and sustainable best practices. Throughout the public realm lively, comfortable outdoor spaces are designed to accommodate the movement of large crowds and gathering of groups for activities ranging from everyday socializing to special celebrations.

Photos by Sara Smallenberg + PFS Studio