Canadian Veterans’ Memorial

The Canadian Veterans’ Memorial was the result of a nation-wide competition held by the Province of Ontario to select a Landscape Architect and Artist to design a commemorative memorial in honour of all veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces.

PFS Studio and artist Allan Harding MacKay’s winning collaborative design respectfully integrated into the historic grounds at Toronto’s landmark Queen’s Park, located in the centre of downtown in a diverse historical and urban context.

The 30 metre long granite wall monument submerged into the grounds of the legislature explores the sensitive relationship between structure and site. The incorporation of simple geometries, the highly intentional material selections of polished granite, exquisite detailing, and an overlay of powerful laser etched imagery of conflict, death and war have resulted in a memorial that on one hand speaks proudly of Canadian military and peacekeeping efforts throughout the world and, on the other, of the emotional toll of the war.

Photos by KJ Bedford