Sep 07, 2019

Redmond Downtown Park’s – ‘Buoyant’ – Wins International Award


Congratulations to the Buoyant Team. The project was a collaboration with artist Jill Anholt, PFS Studio, ARUP Lighting + Structural, and Fabrication Specialties.


Buoyant, located in Redmond Downtown Park, WA, is an inhabitable sculpture that acts simultaneously as a pavilion, an illuminated water feature, and a platform for performance and digital projection. The artwork, like the rest of the park, is inspired by the historic bog landscape that once occupied the site – with its saturated floating landforms and reflective water pools, as well as Redmond’s reputation as an innovative centre of digital technology.

“Buoyant reflects the idea of floating, both as a physical condition and a metaphorical condition that mirrors the optimism and expansive energy of Redmond itself.” (Jill Anholt)

The jurors were incredibly impressed with the collaborative process between all of the parties, as well as the explanation of the goals of the project, and the successful integration of the artwork into the space.


Click here for more information on our project.


The CODAawards recognizes collaborations that result in outstanding projects which successfully integrate commissioned art into interior, architectural and public space. In its seventh year, the CODAawards received 435 entries from 26 different countries around the globe. Merit winning projects were found as far as from China to Nashville, from Houston to Australia. The merit winners exemplify the best of what can happen when artists and design professionals collaborate to create artful spaces in our built environment.