Jan 07, 2021

Riverbend Business Park Achieves Green Shores® Certification

PFS Studio in cooperation with Oxford Properties Group, the City of Burnaby, and the consultant team, designed a habitat restoration strategy for Burnaby’s Riverbend Business Park that has achieved Green Shores® Gold for Shoreline (Coastal) Development. The Green Shores® Gold rating was achieved through the application of innovative flood protection and storm water management methods, combined with shoreline and native plant restoration.

PFS Studio designed a series of planting strategies that evolved with new civil works and the protection and enhancement of the natural shoreline. The design extends 1 kilometer along the Fraser River shoreline and northward along Sturgeon Slough and increases the riparian buffer to 30 metres, including 25 metres of nascent native shrubs and trees. The dike was designed to allow for the retention of the riparian forest with its large black cottonwood trees, and to plant over top of the riprap shoreline protection. The final planting restoration design provided the necessary habitat compensation area through the use of carefully selected native riparian vegetation. These plant communities have established themselves quickly, improving intertidal habitat for nesting and migratory bird species, mammals, insects and amphibians.