Nov 28, 2019

Rodney Graham’s Chandelier Takes its First Spin at Vancouver House

On Wednesday evening hundreds of people showed up for the official unveiling and first revolution of Canadian artist Rodney Graham’s Spinning Chandelier. The Spinning Chandelier, a major public art work installed at Vancouver House, was illuminated and set in motion for the first time.

The entire movement cycle lasts for about three minutes, with one minute for the chandelier’s slow descent, close to two minutes of spinning that reaches fast speeds, and another minute for the slow ascent to return to its starting position. This movement cycle will happen twice daily at fixed times.

Vancouver city council approved the public art installation in 2015. With the city’s approval, Westbank then contracted Washington State-based Walla Walla Foundry to design and manufacturer the sculpture, which was a three-year-long process in total. The developer is covering the full cost of designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining the sculpture. PFS Studio’s extensive public realm design under the Granville Street Bridge and between Vancouver House’s three buildings activates the area, turning the space into a pedestrian-oriented and event-friendly space.

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