Jun 10, 2013

The Rebirth of Toronto’s Waterfront: ASLA interviews Greg Smallenberg, FASLA

PFS Studio partner Greg Smallenberg was interviewed by the American Society of Landscape architects on the rebirth of Toronto’s waterfront.

“The intention from the very beginning is that there wouldn’t be a dividing line between design and disciplines. First and foremost, this is landscape architecture, but it was done in a way that collaborated with artists, architects and engineers. PFS, as a firm, is always trying to do this. Landscape architecture, as a profession, is hopefully trying to do this. You do get mixed results when one discipline takes over or something else happens to skew the balance, but in Sherbourne Common, the balance was there. The engineers were very creative. The architect was very creative. The artist was very creative. PFS set out the concept and the others plugged in all of their resources to making this thing a reality. It’s almost impossible to see where the engineering starts or where the landscape architecture ends because we intentionally wanted boundaries blurred. The same holds for the art and the architecture. So from that perspective, it’s a huge success for us.”

Read the rest of the interview here for more discussion on urban infrastructure, public space, and the intersection of design disciplines.