Aug 23, 2013

Urban Scars to Vital Playgrounds

PFS Studio received coverage in last weeks Globe and Mail in an article discussing how once forgotten parts of the urban landscape are now being transformed into parks.

“These new spaces create a sense of being somewhere – in the case of Sherbourne Common, through a two-part park that includes a large public green and more intimate, tightly detailed spaces for quiet contemplation and for play. The park even makes some poetry out of a water-purification system: Water is cleaned in the basement of a blobby, lovely pavilion building by Teeple Architects, and it flows out from a series of sculptures into a meandering channel. “When you integrate a number of disciplines in a creative way, you get a space that is layered,” Nagai says. “It’s not just a one-liner.”

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Photos by Tom Arban



Sherbourne Common was also on the front cover of a recent issue of Toronto Magazine.