Nov 24, 2016

Virtual Reality Tour of Underpass Park

 Guided by Greg Smallenberg, The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), has put together an incredible virtual reality tour, of PFS Studio’s award winning Underpass Park in Toronto.

ASLA selected Underpass Park to undertake this Virtual Reality presentation experiment, because it won the ASLA 2016 Professional Award of Excellence. Less than 1 percent of all award submissions receive this honor. This virtual reality tour was featured at the recent ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO in New Orleans.

Virtual Reality is an emerging tool for Landscape Architecture. It allows people to “visit” a space that they may otherwise never have a chance to experience. It allows people to experience the value of landscape architecture without having to go anywhere.

You can view the video on your phone or desktop computer, without needing to have the virtual reality headset.

Viewing Options

Option 1: Watch a 360 Video on YouTube

If you are on your phone reading this page, simply click on this URL and watch it in your YouTube mobile app: (please note that this video will not work on your mobile browser)

Be sure to turn around while watching so you can see all angles of the park!

Or if you are on a desktop computer, go to using your Chrome browser. Use the sphere icon to navigate through the park!

Option 2: Watch a 3D 360 Video on Samsung Gear VR

If you own a Samsung Gear VR headset and compatible Samsung phone, go to Samsung Gear via the Oculus App and search for “Underpass Park” or “ASLA” to find our video.

Video Credits
Producer: American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
Production Company: DimensionGate, Toronto
Director: Ian Tuason
Director of Photography: Jon Riera
Narrator: Greg Smallenberg, FASLA, principal, PFS Studio
Camera Assistant: Mark Valino
Post Production: Connor Illsley
Skateboarders: Cris Fonseca and Dan Everson

Photo by Tom Arban