May 30, 2022

Advancing Design for Sea Level Rise in the Fraser River Delta – 2022 Award of Excellence from the CSLA!

The Fraser River Delta Collaborative has been awarded a Canadian Society of Landscape Architecture (CSLA) 2022 Award of Excellence! The project, Advancing Design for Sea Level Rise in the Fraser River Delta, is funded by Mitacs and co-developed by UBC SALA and a coalition of Vancouver’s top landscape architecture firms: PFS Studio, Hapa Collaborative, space2place, and PWL Partnership. SALA and our four offices pooled our expertise, staff, and contacts to address the highly urgent issue of sea level rise. It resulted in internships for several students, excellent research and graphic materials, and the foundation for effective outreach to the public and multijurisdictional organizations.

Rather than seeing sea level rise as primarily a challenge of hydraulic engineering, our project demonstrates the potential of landscape-based SLR approaches to also address issues of spatial justice, ecological resilience, community building, economic transition, and reconciliation. It also demonstrates the need for regional coordination of flood management strategies through a design and planning based approach to sea level rise and climate adaptation.

In collaboration with: UBC SALA, Hapa Collaborative, space2place, PWL Partnership


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