Apr 22, 2022

Earth Day 2022

On Earth Day, we celebrate the firms and staff working on meaningful climate adaptation projects.

The Fraser River Delta Collaborative is a Mitacs funded design research project co-developed by UBC SALA and a coalition of Vancouver’s top landscape architecture firms: PFS Studio, Hapa Collaborative, space2place, and PWL Partnership. The project develops innovative landscape-based adaptation strategies for coastal communities most vulnerable to future flooding. The project shows that climate change is not simply an engineering challenge but an opportunity for communities to improve safety and resilience while also creating multifunctional places and spaces that can incorporate and address urban development, biodiverse habitats, food production, social justice and reconciliation. It also aims to show the potential of a collaborative, cross jurisdictional planning and design approach in order to communicate to the public and government officials the urgency for policy change, and the multiple potentials of landscape based approaches.