Moodyville Park

PFS Studio was the Landscape Architect and urban planning consultant for the conceptual design and master planning of the renewal of Moodyville Park, a neighbourhood park serving a neighbourhood that is rapidly being transformed from single family homes on large lots to apartments and townhouses. Through extensive consultation with the community, including the City of North Vancouver’s first park Task Force, the elements of the Master Plan have been strongly endorsed at open houses and online.

Families and visitors to North Vancouver’s recently completed Moodyville Park are drawn to this unique expression of North Shore adventure and play. Nestled in towering secondary-growth cedar, hemlock and maple, the park takes advantage of its natural dramatic topography to provide a variety of play experiences including ziplines, unique climbing structures and nets, a bike pump track for the cyclists, and more recreational experiences. The amazing west coast landscape features prominently in every aspect, from the historic motifs of the play structures to the yellow cedar building materials all of which imbues park with a distinctive sense of place. The park is well loved by local residents for its location along the Spirit Trail that traverses the North Shore.



Photos: ©Brett Hitchens