Ningbo Zhongshan Road

Zhongshan Road, running through in the geographic center of the City of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, is the city’s most historic transportation route with a varied history spanning thousands of years. PFS Studio together with Conglian Landscape Architecture and Planning were selected to undertake the redesign and rebuilding of a 12 KM stretch of the road, in part to reflect the aspirations of this quickly modernizing city. Zhongshan Road passes through four distinct areas of the city and responds to existing or planned land uses within each: the historic zone, centered on the City’s Drum Tower; the commercial zone, currently undergoing a dramatic redevelopment and two residential zones, bracketing both far ends of the street.

Our approach was to respect the history of the road while adding a clear contemporary design layer. Our objective was to ensure that Zhongshan Road defined the spirit and character of a city and was immediately identifiable. The intent was to deliver a street that was legible and coherent, safe and comfortable, durable, simple, beautiful, full of delight and with a story to tell.