Sun Palace

Located in a burgeoning new mixed use zone in northeast Beijing, Sun Palace is a mixed-use community with high rise residential, office and retail complexes; a community centre; kindergarten; and seniors’ centre. The Sun Palace neighbourhood is comprised of six parcels, each employing a series of thematic references based upon one of the six innermost planets of our solar system. Research into the geography and atmosphere of the planets yeilded a consistent vocabulary of landscape elements responsive to the specific programmatic needs of each site.

PFS Studio provided the landscape design for several phases of Sun Palace. The first phase, Venus, included a central plaza; three residential parks with community gardens and sculptural light wells leading to below grade parking; a community playground; a central water feature; and a bio-filtration garden to remediate water runoff. The second phase, Mercury, included a large two level courtyard park with orchards, gardens, water features, a great lawn, playground, and plazas.