Edmonton ICE District

PFS Studio is collaborating with a multi-disciplinary design team, coordinating an integrated site planning approach for both the Edmonton Arena and the ICE District and acting as the design bridge to bring a coherent and legible civic space to the core of downtown Edmonton. The primary elements of the district are a new stadium for the Edmonton Oilers and a new plaza to be the outdoor heart of the adjacent entertainment district. A central landscape strategy is to maintain a consistent treatment throughout the district while punctuating key areas with unique and interactive elements.

The ICE Plaza is a vibrant space with year-round activities which celebrate Edmonton as a winter city, including ice skating, pre and post-game celebrations, outdoor concerts and festivals. Iconic sculptural elements within the plaza serve as warming stations, digital media elements and lighting elements which create a backdrop to the activity in the plaza. Consistent design features are employed in the plaza, around the arena, and within a festive promenade linking the plaza with City Hall. This promenade also expresses the history of the Edmonton Oilers through design elements.


Renderings courtesy of Cicada