Mar 04, 2015

Edmonton Valley Zoo – Nature’s Wild Backyard Wins Canadian Architect’s Awards of Excellence 2014

Edmonton Valley Zoo – Nature’s Wild Backyard has been honoured in Canadian Architects’ Awards of Excellence 2014.  The Edmonton Valley Zoo is in the midst of a massive effort aimed at establishing it as a leader in the realm of conservation, environmental stewardship and education.  Nature’s Wild Backyard, the renewed Zoo’s children’s precinct, presented the opportunity to achieve all these aspirations.  The design of this zoo represents a new approach that emphasizes creating an immersive experience in order to simultaneously enrich the educational value of the exhibits and improve the living conditions of the animals.

PFS Studio’s Role

PFS Studio worked with the Portico Group to create immersive landscapes where humans and animals are surrounded by a common environment.  By erasing boundaries and hierarchical divisions, visitors are better able to understand the high degree of interconnectivity between themselves, the animals, and the world at large.

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