PFS Studio is a leading Canadian planning, urban design and landscape architecture firm offering consulting services nationally and internationally on a wide range of projects for both the public and private sectors. The firm has been in practice for over thirty years (formerly as Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg) and produces its award-winning work from its Vancouver studio and through a strategically allied joint enterprise in China. PFS Studio has led or been centrally involved in many large scale planning and design projects throughout Canada, the US, China and other international locations abroad. Because of its strong commitment to the Pacific Rim and, in particular, its long standing presence in China, PFS Studio works out of three allied offices in China – Shanghai, Guangzhou and Ningbo.

The firm has received major recognition through numerous planning, urban design, heritage and landscape architecture awards over the years. These awards confirm the company’s commitment to innovation, technical advancement and cost effective design solutions as well as a keen ability to create memorable and engaging public spaces. PFS Studio is well known for both planning and built works and the firm’s extensive portfolio of work demonstrates its success in completing projects that have faced a high degree of complexity in both process and approvals.

PFS Studio is led by five Directors, diverse in their own specialties, yet complementary as an effective leadership team. They are strongly supported by a number of highly experienced associates who help structure and guide the various project teams. PFS Studio’s principals and associates work with an exceptional staff of design and planning professionals, and collectively provide creative solutions to the widest range of projects. The PFS Studio team is committed to providing unparalleled service to its clients. Embodied in this service is design excellence, clear communication, technical expertise and recognizable value.