Christopher Phillips

Director / Principal, FCSLA BCSLA AALA ASLA

Chris Phillips is a founding principal of PFS Studio and a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. He is widely known and respected for his ability to create highly memorable design solutions on a wide variety of open space projects. Chris has designed many award-winning urban design and public spaces over the past thirty years. As one of the most accomplished landscape architects in Canada, Chris is consistently invited to give lectures, sit on design juries and speak in public forums. He is keenly interested in the integration of context, metaphor and meaning and their collective contribution to the design of urban open space. He is also committed to the integration of public art into his work whenever possible.

Greg Smallenberg

Director / Principal, FCSLA FASLA BCSLA OALA

Greg Smallenberg is a founding principal of PFS Studio. He is a Member of the Order of Canada and one of the most well-known landscape architects in the country. He has been involved in urban design, landscape architecture, project management and contract construction for over thirty years. Greg is a recognized leader in the profession with extensive experience in large scale, open space planning, detailed design and project implementation. He has been responsible for numerous award winning projects throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. Over the past two decades, Greg’s focus has been on the firm’s national and international portfolio. He oversees work undertaken by PFS in our allied Shanghai studio while continuing to direct a number of national PFS Studio assignments from Vancouver. He is interested in the intersections of culture, history and place-making in landscape architecture and urban design.

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Jeffrey Staates

Director / Principal, CSLA BCSLA OALA SALA ASLA

Jeffrey Staates leads a wide variety of landscape architecture, urban design and master planning projects in Vancouver, nationally and internationally. His design background includes a degree in architecture, and practice in interior design, planning and landscape architecture. With over twenty-five years of professional experience, Jeffrey has been actively involved in the design and detailing of several of PFS Studio’s most complex multi-jurisdictional public realm projects. He maintains a particular sensitivity to context, scale, and the haptic and experiential qualities of each project. He is committed to the delivery of innovative and practical design solutions within the boundaries of time and budget, while consistently delivering unique, award-winning projects.

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Jennifer Nagai

Director / Principal, CSLA BCSLA OALA ASLA LEED AP

Jennifer Nagai has more than a decade of experience with PFS Studio and, over that time, has developed a diverse portfolio of complex, highly urban, public and private open space projects across Canada. Throughout her professional career Jennifer has been committed to high standards of execution in all aspects of design and project delivery. She has a strong background in interdisciplinary design from her early years of training in both architecture and landscape architecture. Much of her design interest focuses on the articulation of rich conceptual ideas through precise, expressive detailing. In addition, art and landscape have been seamlessly intertwined in many of Jennifer’s most notable projects. Jennifer is a LEED Accredited Professional and focuses on the integration of natural systems within an urban context to develop innovative sustainable project solutions.

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Kelty Miyoshi McKinnon

Director / Principal, CSLA BCSLA ASLA WASLA

Kelty McKinnon brings a diverse background in landscape architecture, public art and environmental studies to PFS Studio. For nearly two decades she has specialized in projects within the public realm, committed to the creation of unique, innovative and meaningful urban space. She is interested in the intersection of emergent and deliberate cultural and ecological forces, and is highly committed to research, collaboration and engagement in the design process. She has taught numerous design studios at UBC, and is a regular critic, lecturer and juror. Kelty writes on diverse topics associated with landscape for several books and journals and her artistic and design work has been shown in London, Vienna, New York, Berlin and Vancouver.

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Marta Farevaag


Marta Farevaag is a founding principal of PFS Studio, an Urban Planner and Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners. For thirty years, she has been involved in planning, project management and public consultation on many of PFS Studio’s complex and multi-disciplinary projects. Her particular areas of interest are cultural landscapes, campus plans and heritage planning. Marta works at the interface of urban planning with landscape architecture and urban design. Areas of expertise involve design guidelines, land use planning, programming public space, commercial area revitalization, park and open space master planning, and public consultation processes. She regularly works on multidisciplinary teams addressing land use and urban design assignments. Marta has taught and provided critiques in the departments of landscape architecture, architecture and planning at UBC.

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Nastaran Moradinejad


Nastaran Moradinejad manages some of the firm’s largest and most significant projects in both the private and public sector. Nastaran is a highly effective leader and strong project manager. Her interests are in multi-disciplinary, technical projects requiring custom solutions to unique project demands. Nastaran is a LEED Accredited Professional and takes a keen interest in ecological systems, developing innovative ways to integrate them with site design. Nastaran has held a number of professional volunteer posts throughout her career, most notably serving as President of the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects in 2012 and in 2017 was elected to the position of President Elect of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects.

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Ross Dixon

Principal, CSLA BCSLA

Ross Dixon has been with PFS Studio for 25 years and over that time has developed a keen interest and expertise in contract management of the firm’s constructed projects. Ross’s role in ensuring the quality and continuity of PFS Studio’s built work is the key to much of the office’s success with project delivery and has contributed significantly to the numerous awards received over the years. Ross’s focus is in the areas of contract administration, cost control, quality control and site services. He has a clear understanding of contracts and works closely with clients, consultants and contractors to ensure that the firm’s designs are implemented and maintained effectively in their urban contexts. He leads the construction documentation and administration team within the studio and helps establish best practices for quality control.

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