Nov 25, 2013

PFS in Landscapes Paysages

Have you seen the fall issue of Landscapes Paysages?

PFS Studio’s Nathan Brightbill is guest editor along with Ryan James (you can read their introduction here), and our own Nicole Taddune was a contributing writer.

In her article “Point Grey: Stormwater Ambassador”, Nicole discusses the University of British Columbia’s evolving view of stormwater management and PFS Studio’s role in framing that view.

“In the past, stormwater was considered a nuisance to be eliminated as quickly as possible. Now it is seen, instead, as a resource to be utilized and celebrated.”

Nicole discusses the use of stormwater in three campus projects: University Boulevard Terraces, Buchanan Courtyards and Fairview Commons.

“The use of water to create mesmerizing and engaging focal points is not new, but at UBC today, stormwater that might have otherwise gone unnoticed or unused has become an invaluable resource. By using stormwater as a primary water source, designers have created public spaces that function as ambassadors of sustainability and resource management. Taken together, these beautiful landscapes shape a uniquely interesting campus character.”

– Nicole Taddune

Read the whole article here.

Left: University Boulevard Stormwater Terraces, Photo by Krista Jahnke © 2012 Krista Jahnke. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be copied, adapted, distributed, or electronically posted without the written permission of krista jahnke | photography + design |
Right: Buchanan Courtyard, Photo by (c) Nic Lehoux for PFS Studio