Jun 11, 2014

Project Urban Fabric: Transforming the Sheraton Wall Centre

If you’ve been in downtown Vancouver over the past few weeks, you’ve likely seen the Urban Fabric installation at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre. The installation, by BCSLA volunteers, marks the 50th Anniversary of The BCSLA and the 3rd Annual BC Land Summit that was held at the Wall Centre. The fuchsia fabric and blue seating revitalizes the plaza which was designed by PFS Studio almost 20 years ago. You can read more about Project Urban Fabric in the Vancouver Sun.


PFS Studio was involved with Wall Center from its inception in the 1990’s. Beginning with Bruno Freschi architects, then Lawrence Doyle and Chris Doray and finishing with Peter Busby Architects. PFS Studio established a strong conceptual site plan that endured through the many design perspectives and over a decade of development. Wall Center stands as an iconic Downtown Vancouver landscape and one that successfully integrates private and public domains within an engaging and programmatically invigorating space. Of note is PFS Studio’s successful efforts in incorporating, preserving and protecting the remarkable Elms along Helmcken Street and the mature Horse Chestnuts along Nelson. Without PFS’s dogged efforts these trees would have been lost to the redevelopment of the site.





Photos by Brett Hitchins, and Scott Massey