Lynn Valley Library Plaza

The Lynn Valley Library Plaza provides a two-level, multi-functional public gathering space that connects materially and conceptually to the surrounding wood and glass architecture of the library designed by Henriquez Partners Architects.

In the plaza, an angular timber boardwalk marks the juncture between the upper and lower terrace. Slightly cantilevered, it provides a maple-lined gathering space and planar seating element from which to view the plaza below. The upper and lower plazas are connected with two gentle ramps and elongated stairways that expand the seating capacity of the plaza while demarcating more intimate performance and gathering zones within the lower plaza. The banded paving pattern at the upper level is carried out over the sidewalk on Lynn Valley Road and Mountain Highway at key points of entry.

The use of basalt and steel in the design references the historic granite quarry and zinc mine that once thrived in the area. The timber boardwalk references the cultural and historical importance of wood to the region while tying in to the material language of the library.