Mountain View Cemetery

PFS Studio collaborated with Lees + Associates a contemporary intervention to the historic landscape of Mountain View Cemetery. City staff and several stakeholder groups helped to frame and support the historical and functional design principles established to inform the process.

The composition of cinder pathways, mature chestnut trees and panoramic views to the north combine to create a powerful character for the Masonic area of the cemetery. Work included the retention and preservation of the mature healthy trees and the restoration of historic granite curbs and markers set within a contemporary overlay of columbaria, celebration spaces, landscape walls and pathways. The design accentuates and enhances the existing landscape while adding new and contemporary features.

Introduced elements included new trees to complete rows within the historic pattern, the use of simple geometry inspired by Masonic design traditions, and vertical elements in permanent materials of stone and concrete with simple, contemporary designs and high quality finishes. The careful siting of elements respond to and reinforce the historic pattern of grave markers and deliberately frame views both of the North Shore mountains and ancillary features within the cemetery.


Photos by Amanda Bullick + PFS Studio