Ninghai Resort Valley

This landscape plan responds to visionary planning, architecture and engineering that lays the framework for resort and residential community development within a spirit of conservation and environmental protection. Set high in a mountain valley in close proximity to Ninghai, the community will eventually be home to several thousand residents clustered together in 5-7 spectacular high rise buildings. This concentration of homes allows the remainder of the site design to focus primarily on the landscape.

A central feature of this valley community will be a series of lake-like reservoirs that are fed by rain water and formed from a series of naturalized dams. The overriding aesthetic of this new community will be one of “living in nature”. Residents will feel intimately connected to the site through a network of trails that link building to building and mountain top to mountain top. These trails will provide both relaxation and exercise for walking and different levels of difficulty will be established for people hiking the various routes.