Redmond Downtown Park

For the Redmond Downtown Park Master Plan, PFS Studio developed and implemented an extensive public engagement strategy and design for a two acre park that will act as the central gathering place for Downtown Redmond. The park design is highly flexible and provides both 365 – day use of the park, and venues suited to a wide range of more unique event programming. The park offers both hard and soft surfaced areas, water features, trees and gardens, a variety of seating types, a canopy-protected stage, and bold public art features that express the digital culture of Redmond.

Inspired by the historic peat bogs that occupied the site, the design reasserts the hummocky and organic over the rectilinear ‘urban grid’. Soft, lush mounds of ericaceous plantings and a flowing wood deck hover between formal treed allees and bosques and a bold, linear plaza paving pattern. Two circular zones encompass the site – an elevated Great Lawn, ringed by an illuminated wood boardwalk, and a multi-use plaza delineated by a sculptural circular pavilion. The plaza zone shifts between dry and saturated conditions – from performances under the circular canopy, to an active water play zone.