Nov 04, 2013

Tracking A Green Roof

Building a green roof over an art gallery and in a climate that sees 150 days of rainfall a year might sound like a recipe for disaster – but Seattle’s green roof on the 17th floor of the Russell Investment Centre (formerly Washington Mutual and Chase Centre) has withstood the test of time.

The November/December issue of Green Building and Design features an expansive roof garden designed by PFS Studio. The article, entitled “Analytics: Tracking a Green Roof” aims to see how this 23,000 square foot roof has weathered the rain and winds, and how it’s impacted the building below.  The conclusion: “After seven years, the roof is leak-free, the plants are thriving, and it’s one of the most popular spots in the city.”

The design for this roof top oasis called for “a diverse plant system that would be attractive to employees, effectively turning the concept of the windowless employee lunchroom inside out.”

Read the whole story here.

About the design
PFS’s concept integrates elements that relay the story about the center, its local origins and the community it serves. The project presented a rare opportunity to reference the varied and unique landscapes of Washington State, from its coastal beaches to the Olympic and Cascade ranges and the interior plateau, with nearly two-thirds of the area planted in predominantly drought-tolerant and native plant species.


Photo by George White Photography